August 13 & 14, 2016
CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles

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The Los Angeles Quilt Show & Fiber Art Fest is a celebration of community, where artists of all levels are invited to show their creations in a unique public space. The festivities include professional and peer-juried competitions, interactive classes and the chance to meet quilting guilds, supply companies, and fiber artists spanning an array of styles.

Background is "Bleeding Heart" by Grace Errea, 2015 LAQS Peoples' Choice Award Winner.

Pre-show Workshop with Luke Haynes


Free for LAQS sponsors, entrants, exhibitors and ticket holders - limited class size!

Why do laundry when you have scissors?  Bring two shirts and a pair of pants (check out a thrift store if you don't want to use your own), and we will take the clothing or our own stash of fabrics and work organically to create a small quilt top. LUKE will walk the class through a series of steps that will deconstruct and reconstruct fabric into something greater than the sum of its parts. we will be working with abstract forms and learning how to harness fabrics that may be a little outside of the normative quilting oeuvre.

Two matching garments or pieces of fabric, 1/2 yard or bigger;
A contrast fabric, 1/4 yard or bigger;
Ruler, 2' or longer;
A cutting mat and rotary cutter;
YOUR OWN MACHINE, if you prefer to use it

A limited number of machines, mats and cutters
Irons and boards
Some fabric to rummage through 

There will be a lunch break and box lunches will be available on site for $12.

This workshop is FREE when you purchase tickets to the LA Quilt Show, but RSVPs are required.  Please go to Eventbrite to RSVP.

(c) 2016 CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles

Website background is Bleeding Heart created by Grace Errea, winner of the 2015 Los Angeles Quilt Show Peoples' Choice Award.

Los Angeles Quilt Show & Fiber Art Fest at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles
August 13 & 14, 2016