will return in 2018 to
CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Quilt Show & Fiber Art Fest, typically held in August, is postponed until 2018 due to anticipated construction on site.

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Background is "Bleeding Heart" by Grace Errea, 2015 LAQS Peoples' Choice Award Winner.

For Quilters

The L.A. Quilt Show & Fiber Art Fest at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles is different from other shows. It is hosted by artists, and quilts are displayed aerially, hung from rafters so they may be viewed from both sides in all their glory.  Attendees are invited to don gloves provided by the event in order to touch and examine pieces. The L.A. Quilt Show is a unique sensory experience; a chance for quilters of all experience levels to see your favorite pieces displayed in a public venue within a mix of styles and alongside a gallery of fiber arts.

In addition to the exhibit, there will be an array of vendors to browse along with CRAFTED's handmade arts & crafts marketplace to shop.  There will also be classes to take and speakers to enjoy.  Sign up for our newsletter and Like Us on Facebook to receive updates.

#1: Guidelines

  • Entries will not be displayed without a hanging sleeve.  Period, end of story.  Here is a handy tutorial.
  • The show entry form is intended to be for individuals.  We have special offers for guilds and groups that wish to participate or exhibit opportunity quilts.  See this page or email us for more information.
  • Creativity is encouraged, however quilt entries must meet the basic criteria of being a multi-layered piece secured with stitching or ties.  Furniture, pillows and other quilted pieces or items incorporating a quilt will also be accepted. Entries outside of this criteria may be disqualified (and returned at entrant's expense).
  • Jury decisions regarding entry selections and awards are final.
  • All entrants will receive one complimentary admission to the show for each paid entry.  Additional tickets can be purchased here.
  • Entries must be delivered to CRAFTED on or before August 7, 2016 at 6 p.m. in order to be displayed.  Entries can be delivered in person on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. or shipped to CRAFTED, 112 E 22nd Street, San Pedro, CA 90731.

(c) 2016 CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles

Website background is Bleeding Heart created by Grace Errea, winner of the 2015 Los Angeles Quilt Show Peoples' Choice Award.

Los Angeles Quilt Show & Fiber Art Fest at CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles
August 13 & 14, 2016